The Improved Version of Melanotan

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The Improved Version of Melanotan

There are always new developments in the field of science and research which lead to new and improved products. This can be seen in the new version of melanotan known as melanotan 2. For those individuals not familiar with this product, melanotan is a liquid peptide that aids the body in developing a deep tan. The improvements made to the product have made it better for absorption into the body. As a peptide, the liquid binds with the same receptors used for naturally produced pigment peptides. When bound to the receptor, the body receives signals to increase the production of melatonin, which is what colors the skin.

Benefits of Melanotan

People interested in learning about the benefits of melanotan could visit an online site such as lovemelanotan. Here they will find that the product not only aids in creating a darker skin pigmentation, but could also help with suppressing the appetite. This could be beneficial for people who have difficulty losing weight when following traditional diet and exercise programs. In some instances melanotan could help fight inflammation and enhance sexual functions. The degree to which the product works could vary by individual.

Getting a Great Tan

The most common usage of the improved melanotan 2 is for tanning. The increased pigmentation in the skin will help reduce the effect of sunburn in people who have fair skin. This could also reduce the risk of getting skin cancer. Because the product acts like a natural hormone, the tanning a person receives will be in keeping with their natural skin tone. This means the tan will always appear natural because it is actually coming from the inside out. While the tan color will last a long time, people looking to retain their tan all year long will need to use melanotan more than once.

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