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When a person wants a deep and dark tan without having to spend hours in the sun they can use lovemelanotan. This produce will allow them to have tanned skin without spending hours in the sun and putting the body at a risk for skin cancer. This formula will stimulate the response that the body has to UV rays and will darken the skin.

Melanotan 2 contains a peptide that it designed to active the body’s reaction when it is exposed to the UV rays from the sun. This will allow people with light skin to have a dark tan without burning and then having to wait until the body is able to heel. By using this produce the body will be able to tan in a shorter period of time. This is great for people with very light skin as they do not have to risk exposing the body to skin cancer.

The peptides that are used in this produce are in powdered form. When a person is ready to use this all they have to do is mix it with some sterile water. This mixture can than be injected into the skin. The skin will be able to take in this formula and spread it through the body. This will allow the skin to be tanned evenly. It will look like a person has spent hours at the beach when they have not been in the sun at all.

This formula will allow a person to have tanned skin without exposing themselves to the risks of the sun. They will be able to enjoy a deep and even tan any time of the year. 

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