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First a process: Tanning peptide stimulates the production of melanin. In turn, melanin is the chemical that instigates deep, natural tan. Such biological looks are usually desired by most people. And Melanotan 2 has successfully harnessed this power. However, giving a favorable appearance is only a side effect of its real purpose. Melanin creates a tan as a natural defense against UV damage. But in an attempt to get this tan many people have traditionally exposed themselves the UV radiation which can lead to damage during the process of tan-building.

Melanotan 2 is specifically designed to make sitting in the sun for hours like this unnecessary by being especially conducive to tans after minimal sun exposure. In addition, it brings quicker healing to UV damage that may be brought about even that small exposure to the sun. Melanotan 2 comes in a powder form which when mixed with sterile water is injected into the skin. For it to be effective, daily injections will be necessary until your desired tanning level is reached. When this happens, you will only need an injection once every two weeks.

But continuing injections is only needed if you want the tan to remain permanently. Even if you were to stop right away after reaching your desired tanning level, the tan will remain constant for several more months. There are companies out there that sell products like this that don’t work. Some of them even claim to be our Melanotan 2 product. This is why you want to do a lot of research before you purchase this type of thing from anyone.

A huge warning signal is companies that offer it as a spray or as an orally taken pill. The peptide used in these products is ineffective as both a spray and as an oral agent. So be absolutely sure you are getting the real deal. Your skin and health will thank you later. Click on lovemelanotan for more details.

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