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What is Tanning?

Some people find darker skin more attractive than light or pale skin. For those that don’t naturally have this dark look, they have developed tanning. Tanning is laying in the sun or a light bed for a specific period of time to help your skin develop this darker look. Special lotions are used to protect the skin, as much as possible, and help in the darkening. However, studies have shown that prolonged sun exposure can lead to skin cancer. There is another option, though.

Alternative Tanning Method

Recently, they have made it so you can get melatonin injected into your skin. Melatonin is what helps skin have the darker look. By injecting melatonin into the skin it will help it appear darker faster. This means you can spend less time in the sun which will help prevent cancer. Another benefit of injecting the melatonin directly into the skin is it will help the tan last longer. For normal tanning, you have to tan a couple times a week to keep the same look, but by injecting the melatonin into the skin it will help the skin keep its dark color. This is because melatonin is the pigment that makes the skin look dark and it is physically in the skin instead of with normal tanning where you are faking the appearance of it being in your skin. Since it last longer it means you will have more time to do other things. You do have to get it re-injected every few weeks, but you can start with a small dose and work your way up to an amount that gives the desired effect.


Melatonin injections is a much safer option. Your skin is less exposed to the sun, so your chance of skin cancer is reduced. Also, it lasts longer and provides a more natural look than normal tanning since you can control how much is injected. You can test it out slowly and pick an amount that is right for you. If you are looking for a safer way to get a darker complexion, then getting melatonin injections is a great option. Learn more on how to get that perfect tan come check us out at lovemelanotan.

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