The Effects of Melanotan

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What if we told you that there was a better way to find yourself a golden tan? You'd probably think nothing of it, there are always new advances in beauty technology. But what if we told you that this way was more than just a new piece of technology, but a way to find healthy and beautiful skin? Yeah, your ears are probably perked up at this point. Today we are going to talk about melanotan and how you can find yourself a beautiful, glowing, well tanned skin in no time.

The Effective Melanotan

Alright, so when you see someone with a great tan in the middle of winter you probably think that they went to the tanning salon. Most people end up going to the tanning salon in order to get a nice and broad tan. However, the negative aspects of doing this are pretty frightening - long term exposure to UV rays can cause skin problems that can even lead to cancer! Scary stuff. Our alternative, melanotan, is completely safe and more effective than a tanning bed.

Melanotan is a peptide that is found in the melanin of your skin. When melanotan is stimulated it leads to a well rounded flush in your skin, giving you a warm and long lasting tan without any of the negative effects that we mentioned when talking about tanning beds. Melanotan comes in the form of a powder, stored in a vial, before it is reconstituted by the use of sterile water. Melanotan is then injected in an easy and painless procedure in order to stimulate your melanin. The out come is a warm tan that lasts for a month, even if you discontinue your dosage. In doing so you give yourself healthy skin without any of the negative side effects of UV damage. Learn more about the best tanning solution come visit us at lovemelanotan.

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